Several of our gifted psychics are available for phone readings if you are not able to attend our psychic events. They are listed below in alphabetical order -just click on their names for more info about each one. Once you decide which one you would like to have a reading with, you can make an appointment by using the Paypal link below.

Angela - Psychic Medium, Relationship and Career Readings
Barbara - Psychic/Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Zoom/FaceTime/Skype.
Beth - Psychic Medium, Angel Card and Tarot Card Reader
Maria D'Andrea - Clairvoyant, Tarot/Rune Readings, 45 yrs. experience. Also Animal/Pet readings.
Evelyn - Psychic Medium
Karen - Psychic Intuitive, Claircognizant, Tarot/Oracle cards, charms. 
Kelly - Clairvoyant, Tarot/Angel Card Reader, Facetime. Nancy Meryl - Psychic Medium • Phyllis - Psychic, Medium, Empath. Relationship/Career Readings. Also Pet Communicator
Lightworker Wendy - Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Love/Relationships, Animal Communicator

Read some of the feedback we received from previous phone readings!

"OMG, I just had the most amazing reading with Angela! I always see her at the regular fairs and I am so happy I got to have a phone reading with her! Thank you so much!" D.D.

"Phyllis was fantastic! Great choice.. Thank you!" C.T.

"Wendy was amazing and delightful. I appreciated her talk and time. I will definitely love to speak with her again in the future...Also doing your readings by phone is actually a great option. You should consider it in general...Thank U and stay well." L.S.

"I am overwhelmed by my reading with Evelyn! So many of my departed loved ones came through and I am so grateful. Thank you so much." L.M.

"I always find Barbara to be spot-on with her cards and I am so impressed she is able to do it over the phone. She is so gifted and so easy to talk to. Thank you for this opportunity--it was a great idea!" D.C.

"I adore Nancy Meryl and am a regular customer of your fairs. The phone reading I had today was great and I am so glad I did not have to miss my monthly reading because of the quarantine. It made my day...and my week....and my month!" J.P.

"I had a reading with Beth. She helped me with a problem I am going through now. Thanks so much for the opportunity." R.V.

"I enjoyed my reading with Kelly! Thanks so much!" C.P.

"I got the call from Samantha for my reading exactly at the hour I asked for and the reading was great. I felt very comfotable speaking with Samantha and the reading was better than I could imagine." D.R.

"I have had many readings and have never felt that the reader had true interest in me as Roni Todd had. She was also so right about pretty much everything soI have been in such a happy mood since. I am looking forward to another reading with Roni." Marie Rose

"Maria is the most wonderful warm and caring person, and her readings are always excellent and help me make my way through all the difficult challenges life throws at me.  I especially love her readings using runes, as not many other psychics do this, and she is always right on target, no matter what method we use.  Thank you!!!!" S.B.

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